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Huge Floppy Tits Mature Dirty Lady Masturbating in Lingerie. “The best thing a guy ever said to me was that I have beautiful eyes,” said Queen of Cups Alice85JJ.

“Men give me many compliments. Of course, most of what they say to me is about my breasts and that is to be expected.” In this scene, Alice85JJ is poured into a skintight metallic dress that really gives her a “top shelf.”

She jiggles and bounces her massive hooters inside her dress and then her bra. If there’s anyone who has breast play totally mastered, Alice85JJ is the one.

She takes her tits out of her bra and claps her boobs together. There’s no music in this video to mask the sound of her breast flesh slapping together.

It’s a simple matter to lift her pliable tits and suck on her nipples. Her breasts are so huge, she can actually fold them …

Huge Floppy Tits Mature Dirty Lady Masturbating in Lingerie

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Big Tits Shaking Chica Hard Dick Jerking. Daylene Rio! She’s one of the hottest chicas at SCORE.

A Los Angelena, she seems very Miamian. Sultry, sexy and aware that her role in life is to please men.

Daylene starts off this Tits & Tugs video titty-shakin’ while on her hands and knees.

Although Daylene’s skin is very tanned, her areolae are even darker, creating a succulent contrast. She plays with the tits that so many guys want to get their mitts on, jiggling and bouncing them.

Daylene is quiet at first but six minutes into the video, she extends an invitation to play with her tits and the hot talk just oozes out of her mouth.

“I just want a nice cock between them,” Daylene says in her very sexy, very angelic voice.

Oiling her tits and squeezing them really gets her going and she starts talking more. Her shiny boobs reflect the lights. “Fuck my tits with your hands,” she says …

Big Tits Shaking Chica Hard Dick Jerking

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Mature Mom Sucks and Fucks Young Cock. Samantha Jay, a 42-year-old wife and mom with blond hair and big jugs, is looking out the window when she sees Patrick, her son’s friend.

Walking up to her door. “Patrick, come over here,” Samantha calls, even though she’s wearing very little clothing.

Turns out Patrick was supposed to meet Samantha’s son, Bobby, for a study group, but Bobby isn’t there. Patrick isn’t happy about that because he had to take the bus all the way across town to Bobby’s house.

“Why don’t you come on in?” Samantha says. “Sit on the bed.” Patrick is so nerdy and clueless that he doesn’t realize Samantha is coming on to him.

She’s showing off her cleavage and her long legs, but he still doesn’t get it. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” she asks. Patrick says he doesn’t. “A boy your age needs a girlfriend,” Samantha says …

Mature Mom Sucks and Fucks Young Cock