Big Cock Guy Fucking a Big Boobs Babe

Cynthia Flowers was a girl we should have shot more fuck scenes of but scheduling was tight because our photographer Jose was on a road trip and kept moving. That week he filmed Taylor Steele and Taylor Stevens in Toronto then flew to Prague to meet Romanian royalty …


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Big Older Housewife Masturbating in the Kitchen Get Orgasm and Become Very Wet

Fat Mature Dirty Housewife – Big Older Housewife Masturbating in the Kitchen Get Orgasm and Become Very Wet …


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52 Years Old MILF Sucks Black Cock as Sloppily and Moaning

We are happy to report that at 52 years old, Karen Kougar sucks cock as sloppily as ever, moans even louder when she’s getting fucked by a big cock and has a meaty, pink pussy that looks great when a load of cum is pouring out of it …

52_years_old_MILF_Karen_Kougar_sucks_black_cock as_sloppily_and_moaning

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African Sex with a Bizarre Cock Tool and Black Big Breast

Here’s a rather unusual scene. Something you don’t see every day. Africa Sexxx, one of my favorite models (thanks to her big, pendulous hangers, ultra-pink cunt and blow job skills, not to mention a very pleasant personality) demonstrates a sex toy, and she does her demonstration on a real, live cock. The toy is called “The Monkey Spanker,” and we were selling it at for a while. We figured, “What better way to sell a product than to have a model demonstrate it, and what better way to demonstrate it than in a real tits-and-tugs scene?” Now …


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Kristy Klenot at the Hooter Hotel

Kristy Klenot – Back in his room at Hooter Hotel, Mr. Johnson, talent scout for SCORE, gets the knock at the door that he has been waiting for. Earlier, Johnson had called the British front desk concierge Mandy Pearl for the masseuse to come up. He needed some nut-sac relief after the parade of beauties entered his room, rolled around his bed naked and masturbated to orgasm …


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One Night on the Road Like a Bitch for an Hairy Breasted Hot Babe

It’s Vanessa Y. as we’ve never seen her before in a fantasy role-playing scene. This could be the hottest thing she’s done to date. Vanessa’s been the good girl since she started posing for SCORE and Voluptuous. Now she’s the “Pretty Woman” looking for “Pretty Woman” action. Sometimes a good girl wants to be a bad girl. Some things never change …


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Horny Blonde Babe is Tacking a Big African Cock

A Big Black Cock for a Blonde Breasted Babe Christie Stevens – Horny Blonde Babe is Tacking a Big African Cock …


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