Breasted Pregnant Mom Masturbating in the Kitchen

Breasted Pregnant Mom Masturbating in the Kitchen – Pregnant Natalie Fiore! Natalie’s big boobs are so much bigger now that she’s knocked-up.

The mind reels from the shock of seeing her this busty. After six years of posing for The SCORE Group around the globe, her boobs getting bigger and bigger every year. Her pregnancy-enlarged tits seem a natural progression. For this installment of Natalie’s pregnant journey, she enters the kitchen wearing a tiny dress, her growing belly stretching it out, her huge tits busting out of her tight cardigan buttoned over her bra.

Sitting in a chair, Natalie takes off her sweater and describes how much she likes to play with her tits and how horny she is when she wakes up in the morning. As always, Natalie has a sexy vocabulary and likes to talk, one of her many oral talents. When Natalie unhooks her bra and her massive veiny mams spill forth, time freezes. She gets completely naked and fondles her treasures, then spreads her pussy open so she can rub her clit which sends shivers up and down her body. “I think I need to cool down a bit,” Natalie says. And that’s exactly what Natalie proceeds to do …

Breasted Pregnant Mom Masturbating in the Kitchen

Big Boobs MILF Soapy Masturbation

Big Boobs MILF Soapy Masturbation – Mademoiselle Natalie Fiore prepares to bathe. She wears a fine-mesh dress. Natalie soaps her exquisite hangers, paying extra attention to her pointy, hyper-sensitive nipples. Natalie plays with her sheer outfit. She continues to wash her tits in the tub, shaking her boobs hands-free and …

Big Boobs MILF Soapy Masturbation

Huge Titted Country MILF Milking Her Breast

Huge Titted Country MILF Milking Her Breast and Masturbating Her Wet Cunt – “Do you see the size of my boobs?” Natalie Fiore, we can’t take our eyes off of them. She peels off her top and pops her boobs out of her bra, revealing her already-erect nipples. Natalie pulls her right boob up to her mouth and begins teasing herself with her tongue. Natalie’s tits have gotten bigger and heavier following her pregnancy. She pulls out a milk pump and coaxes some fresh milk out of her right mammary. Natalie’s milking gets her very horny. And she isn’t wearing any panties. Natalie lifts her skirt up and begins stroking and fingering her wet pussy …

Huge Titted Country MILF Milking Her Breast

Hot Pregnant Mature Mom With Big Tits Full of Milk

Natalie Fiore – She is a classic girl. She has classic beauty, and she’s classically built like some of the most beautiful women throughout history. Soft curves, heavy boobs, olive tinted skin and dark hair …


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If the United Nations, the United States and the European Union could get along like Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi do here, many problems would be on the way to a happy ending. Such fairy tale resolutions are unlikely but we still encourage the petty politicians of the world to study the actions of these wonder-women and learn from them …


Natalie Fiore at the Seventh Month

Natalie Fiore at the Seventh Month – Unprecedented! Natalie Fiore is back and she’s in “The Seventh Month.” You saw the sneak peek of this video. Not since Shyla Shy has a pregnant model shared so much of herself. Her belly bump has been steadily growing and now it’s absolutely huge. The same for her bigger-than-big boobs. Natalie rubs her bump every day …

Natalie Fiore_the_Seventh_Month